About Us

SPANTECH ENGINEERS PVT.LTD is run by a group of professionals founded in 1992 by a highly experienced engineer from IIT Bombay as a firm manufacturing Compressed Air Systems at first and later integrating forward into PSA Nitrogen Generation Systems, PSA / VPSA Oxygen Generation Systems and Ozone Generation Systems. This firm became a corporate entity in 2010. We became a ISO 9001-2008 Company in 2011.

SPANTECH Oxygen and Nitrogen Generation Systems are based on non-hazardous and low pressure PSA & VPSA technologies which use compressed air to produce nitrogen & oxygen onsite at a much lower cost than purchased O2 & N2. We believe in Generating Solutions which help you cut your gas costs as well as eliminate the risk of handling high pressure cylinders / bottles.

We have a manufacturing unit at Thane near Mumbai fully equipped to fabricate & assemble the above Systems. We have an in-house Pilot Plant to measure critical parameters such as O2 & Dew Point as well as Test Gas Cylinder Station to calibrate O2 Analyzers.