Compressed air produced by a Compressor is hot, dirty & humid and cannot be used in this state by pneumatic devices or other uses like producing nitrogen / oxygen, powder coating, pneumatic conveying, sand / shot blasting, micronizing, etc.

Our Compressed Air System is a ready-to-use package producing oil & moisture-free compressed air to the purity level required by the end-use. Standard Systems at 7 bar working pressure will give air quality of ISO-8573-1, Class 3:3:2. (Particulates < 5µ, Moisture PDP of - 20 ºC & Oil < 0.1mg/M³) If the end-use moisture content is not stringent (Moisture PDP of +3 ºC, is acceptable), a Refrigeration Air Dryer will be provided instead of Heatless Air Dryer.

Lower levels of contaminants can be provided if required. Systems of higher pressure can also be provided.

Our Compressed Air System generates oil & moisture-free compressed air which is required for most compressed air applications. The air from the Compressor is first cooled in the Water-cooled Aftercooler with Moisture Separator and is then stored in the Air Receiver. The condensed liquids & other contaminants are flushed out automatically by the Auto Drain Valve. Carried forward fine contaminants are removed in a Prefilter and oil vapour is removed by the Oil Removal Filter. The water vapour is removed by the twin tower Heatless Air Dryer. All above equipment are interconnected & mounted on a sturdy frame.

Some applications:

  • Process Air
  • Instrument Air
  • Production of Oxygen & Nitrogen.
  • Air Jet Mills for size reduction.
  • Pneumatic Conveying.
  • Micro Flocculation of Suspended Solids (Chemical replacement).
  • Bag Filter cleaning.
  • Painting & Powder Coating.
  • Sand & Shot Blasting.
  • PET Bottle forming.