Some applications:
  • Ozone is used to treat industrial & municipal waste water , for elimination of microbial growth in cooling water. Reduces use of chlorine-based chemicals.
  • Oxygen can be used for enrichment of combustion air used in ferrous & non-ferrous furnaces, lime kilns, glass melting, gasification plants, etc. Improves fuel efficiency & reduces harmful emissions.
  • Pulp delignification & bleaching by Oxygen/Ozone.
  • Dry Nitrogen is used for micronizing of APIs & other products in Air Jet Mills and drying of solvent laden products in Fluid Bed Dryers.
  • Direct oxygen injection in aerobic fermentation improves productivity of biotech products.

Producing dry, oil-free compressed air is the first step in Gas Generation, which s done by cooling, filtering, drying & storing the compressed air in a Dry Air Receiver. A part of this dry, oil-free air is used for process & instrument used. Another part is used to produce nitrogen and rest is used to produce oxygen. A part of this oxygen is used to produce ozone and the balance is used for other applications. The Integrated Gas Generation System further improves economics of gas generation by producing all four gases (dry & oil-free compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen & ozone) in a single System. Utilization of excess compressed air is available in your facility will increase your savings further. The System can be tailored to produce whatever gases required in your facility, with compressed air being the mother gas. Details of the individual Gas Generators and their applications are given in respective web pages.