The Ozone Generation System has an Air Compressor which provides the compressed air to the PSA Oxygen Generator Module where O2 is produced and then stored in the Oxygen Vessel. This O2 gas is subjected to a high voltage, AC electric corona (similar to lightning) in the Ozonator Module, where the molecular oxygen breaks down to atomic oxygen. Some of the atoms of oxygen thus liberated re-form into ozone, while others recombine to form oxygen. The resultant product gas containing ozone is in the circulating water in the Ozone Injection System. The Ozonated water is then used for required application. In some other applications ozone is injected directly in the water or air, as required.

Some applications include:
  • COD/BOD Reduction, Cyanide Destruction, Dye Removal, Organic Oxidation, etc. of Water & Wastewater.
  • Cooling Tower Treatment (Bio-fouling control/Chemical replacement).
  • Drinking Water (Pre / Post treatment).
  • Food Processing (Sterilization / Fruit Washing).
  • Chlorine replacement in Commercial Laundry Water.
  • Micro Flocculation of Suspended Solids (Chemical replacement).
  • Odor Removal, Control and Elimination (Water & Air).
  • Pharmaceutical Industry (Process & Ultra purity water).
  • Disinfection of Aquaculture/Fish farms (Chemical replacement).
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing (Ultra-pure / D.I. Water).