How do I produce my own N2 ?
Low pressure N2 can be produced by separating oxygen and nitrogen in air by using the Pressure Swing adsorption (PSA) process. Dry, oil-free compressed air at around 7.5 bar pressure enter the PSA System where the oxygen is adsorbed by the Carbon Molecular Sieves and pure nitrogen comes out as a product gas. The N2 (pressure of around 6 bar) is stored in a Receiver and drawn for use, whenever required. Necessary measurement and control devices are incorporated to make the N2 Generator fully automatic as well as to ensure that only pure N2 goes to your User equipment.

What are the benefits of producing your own N2 ?
(a) You save money – N2 from Generator costs 30% to 50% of N2 from cylinder. Payback periods are generally less than one year, which can reduce further if you have compressed air already available in your mfg facility. (b) It gives N2 of better and consistent purity than that available from cylinders where O2 content can vary from 0.5% to 4% (based on actual measurements taken by us). In our Generator, continuous online O2 measurement is available. (c) Elimination of risk of accidents which may take place due to handling of N2 cylinders as well as due to excess O2 in cylinders.

Some applications include:
  • Inert gas purging & blanketing
  • Food packaging
  • In Air Jet Mills & Fluid Bed Dryers,
  • Analytical Instruments
  • Molten metal degassing
  • Heat treatment
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Fire fighting
  • Tyre filling